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Ice Hockey is what drives us to gamble and bet. And knowing what the biggest events in this sport are, is crucial if you think about betting in it since when a major event comes in regarding Ice Hockey, the bets are usually bigger. That means that you can get more profit if you take our advice at hand. These are some Hockey-related events we recommend you to check.

The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is known for every fan of ice hockey. Since is an exciting event where the winner of the national hockey association (mostly referred as NHA) and the winner of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (or PCHA) plays together in a championship for the Stanley Cup.

World Cup of Hockey

The World Cup of Hockey is similar to the football world cup. Since both are held every four years and they are celebrated as an exciting event for every ice hockey fan. The Ice Hockey world cup is organized by the same teams behind the Stanley Cup making it a remarkable sports event.

Ice Hockey World Championship

The Ice Hockey World Championship is a more relaxed event that is held every year. This event, in particular, is organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation, where we see some interesting matches that are almost with the same ability as the ones in the world cup.

Ice Hockey in Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics are an incredible event for every sports fanatic. And Ice hockey is one of the sports that steal the spotlight. It has been part of the winter Olympics since 1920 and always delivers the most intense and exciting matches of ice hockey, making it worth checking out.