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Progressive Hockey has been one of the best long-running websites about ice hockey. Since is hard to keep a website about a certain topic that is ice hockey, we also talk and discuss other subjects that surround this sport, such as the bets that are behind it.

But Progressive Hockey is more than that, more than just news and tips for taking some earnings of your favorite matches. We feel like a community that is together thanks to the pleasure and enjoyment that this sport gives us.

It would be a shame to lose everything that we have earned so far. And since we still have a lot to give, our commitment to our readers is the first thing that we care about. That’s why if we want to keep Progressive Hockey the way it is, is time to discuss a serious matter.

While we still keep updating and writing content. We want to make Progressive Hockey an even greater and bigger website. That’s one of the most crucial reasons why we ask our habitual readers to take the time to consider the opportunity to contribute for us.

If you care enough for the wellbeing of Progressive Hockey and you desire to give us a helping hand with our problems and help us achieve our goals. You can help us by contacting us using the displayed information provided.

We would make further contact with you and discuss how you can contribute with us. We give you thanks in advance for showing your care with Progressive Hockey. With your help, we can reach for a better future.