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ice hockey 240x300 - AboutHello. My name is James Johnston and I’m the creator and one of the main writers of Progressive Hockey. Progressive Hockey is a sports website dedicated to ice hockey in general. From the national leagues and matches to the more casual playoff.

In Progressive Hockey we keep our mind open about the different subjects we discuss, we love hockey but we also talk a lot about betting. We always try to give the best tips and advice on how to bet to the right team, as well as a short article about the performance of a team that might be good to bet on.

Our world is ice hockey. And since 2005 when this website was first launched, I focused only in bring the best material with a total compromise to fulfill any necessity of my readers. With the years gone by, Progressive Hockey grew bigger and better, and while we still have a long road ahead we feel like we are in a good place.

The team behind Progressive Hockey is one of the most qualified and smart writers in the field. They not only are informed about the latest news in the sport but they also possess a vast knowledge of betting and gambling. Making it perfect for this website that shares these subjects in a unique way.