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3 Things to Know About the Recent Lifted Ban on Sports Betting


A few months ago the Supreme Court of the United States of America finally lifted the ban on sports gambling, which led to many different opinions. Here we will show you some of the most important facts you need to know to understand what is really going on.

The Decision Was Supported By Almost All Members Of The Supreme Court.


Their final statement was that federal ban on sports betting doesn’t follow the constitution, and by doing so they are allowing all kinds of bets in professional sports and on colleges too.

Congress Still Has A Word On The Matter.


On the judicial branch, the Supreme Court stated that it was unconstitutional to ban gambling, but they won’t take any part in the making of the required policies to control the way gambling and bets will function. Thanks to them, you can place your bet on any team of the National League.

The Congress Has To Regulate Its Policies.


However, if they make the decision to officially ban sports gambling by creating new bills that will eradicate bets, as they would have to include the whole country.

But doing this would be very counterproductive, having in mind that one of their most famous touristic locations in Las Vegas, a place where gambling and bets have been legal for a long time and have also turned into its main attraction.

There’s A Lot of Money Involved


Studies say that if betting in sports was legalized in each state of America, then there would be at least $400 billion wagered each year. Besides, sports gambling leads to a greater amount of movement of money than the one that involves Casinos and special places to bet.

A lot of people would benefit from this, however, it could bring possible scenarios were corruption and violence comes to life. Now it’s all about waiting what the Congress is going to do next, either create laws that affect the whole country or let the states regulate its own territory.

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