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The 4 Best NHL Teams of All Time

We asked a bunch of fans of National Hockey League to tell us which teams were the best of all time. After three stages of voting,...

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3 Things to Know About the Recent Lifted Ban on Sports Betting

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The 4 Best NHL Teams of All Time


We asked a bunch of fans of National Hockey League to tell us which teams were the best of all time. After three stages of voting, we in Progressive Hockey finally came up with this list that gathers some of the greatest teams to ever win the Stanley Cup, based on the public’s opinion.

The Edmonton Oilers from 1984 to 1985

This team completely surpassed the previous one. Even though the team before them also won the Stanley Cup, this team increased their skills in the game and showed off so much confidence that success was a thing.

They are a favorite among the fans thanks to their incredible abilities which set new records and allow the team to win a second championship in a row.

The Pittsburgh Penguins from 1991 to 1992

This team outstands thanks to its amazing players. Like for example, JaromirJagr, who made his way to the scoring gate and made one of the most amazing goals in a Stanley Cup Playoff. This moment is referred to as one of the most amazing goals ever seen in history.

The Detroit Red Wings from 2001 to 2002

From the beginning, this amazing team seemed like they were destined for greatness. Just by the fact that the coacher is Scotty Bowman, known to be in the Hall of Fame, it’s easy to say that they’re going to stand out.

And they surely did, by winning five games in a Cup Final against the Carolina Hurricanes and by that, winning the third Stanley Cup of the team after six years.

The New York Islanders from 1982 to 1983

This team never fails to appear in all of those “the greatest of all time” tops, they marked history by winning the fourth straight championship to the Islanders. They won against the Oilers, who seemed to be really strong competitors

However, without a doubt, the Islanders were able to shut down their rivals’ defense and play their way to success.

You chose them and we share them. Those were some of the most outstanding teams in the history of NHL.

5 Canada Hockey Teams You Should Know About


One of Canada’s national sports is Hockey, so as you might have already guessed, this is truly a big subject to discuss with Canadians and if you want to follow the conversation, it is mandatory for you to at least know some of the best teams this country has to offer.

Here we’ll show you the most influential Canadian Hockey Teams there are.

The Montreal Canadiens

This team is the oldest one in Canada, and they were founded long before the National Hockey League was even a thing. This team is not only known for its longevity but also for having among their achievements the largest amount of Stanley Cups won. This is surely a team you should know about.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Their name really brings to the mind a symbol that represents Canada. The number of championship wins goes right after Montreal Canadiens many victories. They have at least 13 cups. They are one of the most respected teams in Canada’s league.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks are known for setting an amazing record of successful games, one that gave them the President’s Trophy which is given to those who have performed as the best in a regular season, such as the Campbell Bowl. This team is one of the most relevant when it comes to betting at this sport.

Calgary Flames

This team has at least five division championship wins on their record, as they usually play in community sports. They are known not only for having an incredible team with amazing players, but also for their continuous works for charity.

The Flame Foundation has raised at least $10 million which have been contributed to local charities.

Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers have won the Stanley cup so many times that they have achieved the status of holding a “Dynasty” in the Hockey Hall of Fame. This is thanks to the many outstanding players that have given the team a great amount of successes throughout the years.

Just by reading the many achievements those teams have got, you could surely say that they are some of the most important teams in Canada’s League.

3 Things to Know About the Recent Lifted Ban on Sports Betting


A few months ago the Supreme Court of the United States of America finally lifted the ban on sports gambling, which led to many different opinions. Here we will show you some of the most important facts you need to know to understand what is really going on.

The Decision Was Supported By Almost All Members Of The Supreme Court.


Their final statement was that federal ban on sports betting doesn’t follow the constitution, and by doing so they are allowing all kinds of bets in professional sports and on colleges too.

Congress Still Has A Word On The Matter.


On the judicial branch, the Supreme Court stated that it was unconstitutional to ban gambling, but they won’t take any part in the making of the required policies to control the way gambling and bets will function. Thanks to them, you can place your bet on any team of the National League.

The Congress Has To Regulate Its Policies.


However, if they make the decision to officially ban sports gambling by creating new bills that will eradicate bets, as they would have to include the whole country.

But doing this would be very counterproductive, having in mind that one of their most famous touristic locations in Las Vegas, a place where gambling and bets have been legal for a long time and have also turned into its main attraction.

There’s A Lot of Money Involved


Studies say that if betting in sports was legalized in each state of America, then there would be at least $400 billion wagered each year. Besides, sports gambling leads to a greater amount of movement of money than the one that involves Casinos and special places to bet.

A lot of people would benefit from this, however, it could bring possible scenarios were corruption and violence comes to life. Now it’s all about waiting what the Congress is going to do next, either create laws that affect the whole country or let the states regulate its own territory.

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